What is it like to have lunch with Siam Adventure World ?

lunch bamboo islandQuite a different experience ! While the competition is having lunch at some resort, Siam Adventure World offers their customers a beach lunch, mostly on Bamboo Island. A beautiful tropical island part of the Phi Phi Islands group. We go on land and while you enjoy the sea and stunning scenery our tour guides will set up an amazing buffet lunch for you !

Our menu is also different (we are the ‘different’ company):

1 Mixed vegetables, a classic, healthy fresh vegetables, stir fried.

2 Masaman curry, freshly made, every day ! A creamy curry, not so spicy too. So good taste for everybody.

3 Panang curry, also freshly made every day ! A bit more spicy than the masaman curry, but still good taste for everybody. Fresh herbs being added on the spot, when we make lunch.

4 Chicken with cashew nuts, an instant classic on our tour and very tasty. Not sharp at all, the cashew nuts and fresh herbs are also added on the spot so fresh and good taste guaranteed.

5 And as last: fried fish nuggets with sweet chili sauce and herbs.

Complimentary fresh fruits of the season, mostly pineapple and watermelon. It can be that we surprise you with some other fruits like pomelo.

After you enjoyed your fresh lunch there is also coffee and tea. And that all on a tropical beach ! What more can you wish for ?

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